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Cuil is showing some dude's picture for my website

There is a new search engine in town called Cuil, pronounced cool. It is built by Anna Patterson who used to work for Google as the architecture of their search engine. So I tried it today and search for "The Chan Land", my own website. The good thing is that I am in the first result page. The bad thing is that, it put a picture of some dude next to my website which is not me. I don't know who that person is and how he got to be linked to my website. I don't think he is as good looking as I am. No offense to the dude. Anyway, I am seeing a lawsuit :). Here is the screenshot: The chan land in cuil with an unknown dude picture

TheChanMaster - clock 08:40:02 - Monday, 07-28-08 - Whatever - DISALLOWED (Viewed) - pencil permalink
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